Infusio – Day Eleven

We were really glad to have stuck with our plans to stay in Santa Monica for the weekend, and it definitely felt like a very welcome, and much needed change of scene. The Viceroy at Santa Monica is stunning, with a really beautiful pool area and right off the main strip, so it proved a lovely base for relaxing whilst I still wasn’t feeling very well. We spent most of the weekend lying in the sun, but we did make it out to Little Ruby – an amazing brunch place on Saturday morning, and then walked back along Santa Monica beach and checked out the pier, which was really cool with people playing live music and children enjoying all the rides.

On Sunday we took an Uber down to Venice Beach, which was much livelier with loads of market stalls, lots of people cycling and scootering along the promenade, and we also saw Muscle Beach, which I wasn’t personally too fussed about but was a must-see for Alex! It was a real challenge to be out and about and my energy was incredibly low; I was feeling frustrated at struggling to walk, but tried to enjoy what I could do, without focusing too much on what I couldn’t (always easier said than done!). My body definitely felt better for the break from treatment, and by Sunday evening I was feeling a little more prepared for the week ahead. 

Love Wall at Venice Beach

On Monday morning I woke at 7am after the worst night’s sleep; I had woken every hour feeling so shaky and nauseous and still having intermittent vomiting, so to say I was feeling not too great would be accurate. I think I was also feeling a little stressed out about having to move hotels again, and finding somewhere in Beverly Hills at such short notice that wasn’t insanely expensive was proving very difficult. Thankfully another patient had recommended Hotel Sixty, so we booked it from Tuesday and got ready to leave to head to Infusio. It was about thirty minutes in the Uber from Santa Monica, and whilst the traffic could have been so much worse, I still felt incredibly travel sick. When we arrived I was given a new schedule for the week as my previous one had only covered two weeks, and headed up to the penthouse to get started for the day. I first up had the Slimyonik Suit, and Alex was kind enough to go and get me avocado toast from Green Leaf Cafe, so I ate that whilst the treatment cycle continued for forty-five minutes. The gluten free bread at Green Leaf is one of the best I have ever tried, so I spent most of the session plotting as to how I was going to find enough room in my suitcase to bring it home in bulk! I was still feeling pretty sick when I headed down to do the Hyperbaric Chamber, and tried to focus on anything except how sore I was & how awful I felt. I lay down to rest and the time passed quickly enough, and soon I was back into the Nova Infared bed for 10 minutes, which as it was actually raining and quite cold out, was really nice to heat up in. I was already missing Gena and Ashley, and was again reminded of how fortunate and grateful I felt to be able to have Alex still here with me. 

By 11.30 I was all finished for the morning, but as I was doing 10-pass ozone in the afternoon & Hollis wasn’t in today, I had to wait around so I chatted with some of the new patients just starting the SVF programme. One girl was here with her Mum, who had actually done Stem Cell Treatment at Infusio a year ago and was feeling so much better. In fact she seemed to have more energy than anyone I had ever seen, & so it was really encouraging to speak with her and learn more about the process and what she had gone through. It had been a really tough couple of weeks so far for me, and obviously the combination of the treatment and my medication withdrawal was making me feel more sick than ever, so just having the reassurance of someone who had been where I was & made it out the other side feeling better was so comforting and exactly what I needed to hear that morning. She also advised me to stay off the Stem Cell and Lyme online groups as much as possible because they tended to cultivate a lot of negativity and fear mongering, so I made a mental note to think more about this once I got home. I Facetimed with my Mum and discussed our changing plans, with flights and hotels etc, but I was really feeling more and more unwell, so I took some time to just lie down & rest. After an hour or so I was feeling a little less shaky so we headed back to Green Leaf Cafe (I really get attached to eating at the same places!) and I got my favourite salad of brown rice, rocket, kalamata olives & peppers; seriously so good! We walked back to Infusio, and by this stage I was getting a little nervous about getting the 10-pass, as Hollis wasn’t in and I had been having such a hard time with my veins. There was an agency nurse there who came over and tried to get the IV in (the needle used for 10-pass is much bigger than a normal IV needle) and unfortunately had no luck with four attempts at trying. She would then give me a heat pack for 10 minutes before trying again, and after an hour of this with no success I was starting to get frustrated and worried if I would be able to get the Ozone treatment. Luckily a new nurse had just started, and she came over and explained that she had worked specifically as an IV nurse for the past few years. She managed to get a vein, which was such a relief. 

I finally got started on the 10-pass and unfortunately immediately started feeling very nauseous, so Dr Kim came over & gave me a zofran push through the IV and that helped a little. I sat for the rest of the afternoon getting the treatment, and I was so thrilled to manage all 10 passes this time, as last week I had only got to 8, and my blood was looking much thinner & brighter which was really encouraging. Once the 10-pass was finished I got a Myers Cocktail and Glutathione IV, followed by a Laser treatment on my legs and chest for seven minutes.

After my Thymus shot I was ready to head home for the day, and I was extremely grateful that the journey back to Santa Monica wasn’t too bad. I sat by the pool and actually attempted some reading, as my mind was feeling so much clearer & brain fog hugely improved. I had bought a novel with me and was amazed to be able to very slowly make my way through a couple of pages without having issues with tracking and comprehension, which had hindered by ability to read even facebook comments for the past two years. This felt like huge progress, and honestly pretty unbelievable that it had happened so quickly; it was really good to see an improvement when I was struggling with still feeling so unwell, and it reignited my hope and belief that this treatment was going to really help me. I was still pretty nauseous so ended up having fries for dinner, which whilst certainly not the most nutritious were pretty good! After this we headed straight to bed, knowing that we would need to be up early tomorrow to move hotels yet again!


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